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  • As Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities, we adopted "Wherever our citizens are, we are there" as our motto. During enabling this motto with corporate activities, we also aimed to produce mobile solutions for our citizens living abroad. Our first mobile app was developed with the idea of being together with our citizens whenever they need us. For this initiative our mobile technology solution partner was Mobillium. It was a great experience to work with innovative, problem solver people and a team bringing our ideas to life rapidly. Thanks Mobillium!

    Hüseyin Gündoğar Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities, Head of IT Department
  • We worked with Mobillium on Turkcell's featured apps. We congratulate Mobillium team for their self devoted, analytic and timeliness works.

    İsmail Özdemir Managing Director, Mobi Wan
  • Mobillium developed a web project for our scientific journal entitled “Journal of Exercise Therapy and Rehabilitation (JETR)” which is published as an e-journal since 2013. It is a well-designed web page, which responds our wishes and expectations as well as those of the authors and readers. Mobillium gives an immediate feedback for our very few problems related to design of our web page. We would like to congratulate and express our gratitude to Mobillium for their professional, disciplined, punctual work and valuable help.

    Yavuz YAKUT PhD, Prof at Hacettepe University, Editor of JETR
  • We developed a website and accompanying mobile application with Mobillium. We can not thank them enough for their endurance, loyalty and fast pivoting skills. We hope to work with them in upcoming projects we will deliver.

    Nilay Yüce Business Development Manager, Kodobur Ltd.
  • We have chosen Mobilium for its being a mobile-focused company and giving importance to UI/UX design. Their professionality and communication during the application development process have shown that our decision was right.Thanks to all Mobillium team for their efforts.

    Hüseyin Berberoğlu Co-Founder & CTO, Nefis Yemek Tarifleri
  • We will also work at our international projects with Mobillium which developed Doğtaş & Kelebek Mobilya Android tablet applications and Web CRM system that is used at all the our stores within the country. We congratulate Mobillium for their professional approach and self devoted works.

    Yavuz Selim Hindistan IT Manager, DOGTAS & KELEBEK
  • Mobile application developed to be used for our customers travelling by İstanbullines ferry line was loved. We congratulate Mobillium for their proffessional Project approach and timeliness works.

    Kemal Gündüz IT Director, Negmar Inc.
  • We developed eBrosur Android mobile application with Mobillium. We got rapid returns within the application development cycle. Our application addressed many different device via Mobillium's experience. We also solved our problems rapidly together. We congratulate Mobillium team continuing the same discipline and profession from beginning to the end.

    Ali Can CTO, eBrosur.com
  • Achieving both sustaining and saving discipline and self devotion from the beginning, with its professional team developing our mobile applications Mobillium also showed a great performance at the end. Thus we experienced a trustworthy development cycle with Mobillium's rapid returns and recommendations. We congratulate all the team in charge for their efforts at our beloved application.

    Abdullah Ceylan Co-Founder & WAD, Sınava Doğru Inc.

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