We can transform your idea into a great product.


We transform businesses through creative experiences - expanding linear stories into immersive narratives, turning emerging brands into category leaders, and crafting creative executions that define genres.

Mobile App Development

Long expertise in creating mobile apps that meet market needs, reflect project owners’ brand identity

  • Mobile-focused digital transformation projectsMobile-focused digital transformation projects
  • Android app development (Java & Kotlin)Android app development (Java & Kotlin)
  • iOS app development (Objective-C & Swift)iOS app development (Objective-C & Swift)
  • Android tablet & iPad app developmentAndroid tablet & iPad app development
  • Mobile SDK developmentMobile SDK development
  • Android TV app developmentAndroid TV app development
Mobile App Development

Web Development

Comprehensive web development services with clear process and results

  • Digital product development for workflowsDigital product development for workflows
  • Responsive website developmentResponsive website development
  • Back-end, mobile API developmentBack-end, mobile API development
  • Admin panel, CMS developmentAdmin panel, CMS development
  • Micro-site developmentMicro-site development
  • Crawler developmentCrawler development
Web Development

UX Design

Well-established process and productive, maximized operational efficiency

  • Analysing feature-set, user stories, user flowsAnalysing feature-set, user stories, user flows
  • High level view of screens or pagesHigh level view of screens or pages
  • Information architecture designInformation architecture design
  • Wireframes & prototypingWireframes & prototyping
UX Design

UI Design

A well-thought-out and meticulously crafted visual identity

  • Visual identity analysis or designVisual identity analysis or design
  • Design research on same domain productsDesign research on same domain products
  • Concept designs & validationsConcept designs & validations
  • UI style guides & designUI style guides & design
UI Design

Product Planning

The unique transformation of the idea to a great product

  • Best-fit tech stack researchBest-fit tech stack research
  • Feature-set definition & prioritizationFeature-set definition & prioritization
  • Time & budget estimationsTime & budget estimations
  • Resource, milestone, release planningResource, milestone, release planning
Product Planning

Digital Solution Consulting

A great deal of experience in different types of digital solutions

  • Defining business issues or inefficient workflowsDefining business issues or inefficient workflows
  • Creating digital solution ideasCreating digital solution ideas
  • Product idea feasibility studiesProduct idea feasibility studies
  • Mobile products or services enablement planMobile products or services enablement plan
Digital Solution Consulting

Infrastructure Setup

Creation of the performance that reflects the needs of the future by shedding light on your vision

  • High level designHigh level design
  • AWS setupAWS setup
  • Management & monitoringManagement & monitoring
  • Health-check setupHealth-check setup
Infrastructure Setup

Support & Maintenance

Making all kinds of improvement of digital products that can be defined as living beings

  • Analysing user reportsAnalysing user reports
  • Bug monitoring & fixingBug monitoring & fixing
  • Performance optimizationsPerformance optimizations
  • Guideline change & new OS version updatesGuideline change & new OS version updates
Support & Maintenance

Crew of Rise

Having a dedicated team may sound like a lot of commitment and rigidity. But the fact is that this cooperation model is both flexible and straightforward when it comes to the scope, time, or cost.



One of the biggest advantages of Crew of Rise is the focused approach. You have a team at your disposal with no excessive distractions. Increased immersion into the project gives an additional focus on the thing which in turn generates much more diverse and inventive insights into the possible solutions.

With the focus also comes vastly increased adaptability. Crew of Rise enables the team to be reconfigured at every stage of the project according to the current need and requirements.

Control and Transparency


Flexible Approach

How It Works

This model is best explained through different steps

  • First stage: Contact and inform us of your project scope and the resources you require (the number of specialists and technologies) and we’ll help you identify your needs.
  • Pre-start and Introduction: We bring together specialists with specific skill sets and experiences who match your expectation and the project.
  • Development: Crew of Rise begins working on the project by including you at every point of the process.
  • Operation: Any improvements are made if necessary so that Crew of Rise can work with maximum efficiency for your project.

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